What Kind of People Promote Global Cooling in an Ice Age?

 Global Cooling: Obama, UN and Rockefellers
Proponents of Global Cooling, President Obama, the United Nations and the Rockefeller family. Obama photo: Elizabeth Cromwell (CC BY-SA 3.0); David Rockefeller photo: TheRichest.com; iceberg photo: Knuand (CC BY-SA 3.0).

Who would ask such a crazy question?

Me, for one. For the last couple of decades, the United Nations and a lot of rich and powerful people have been pushing the idea of “fearing” warmth and cooling down the planet. With all their scientific advisers, they surely must know that the planet has been in an Ice Age for the last 2.6 million years. I’m certain that they remain aware of the “little” white things at the poles. That’s what defines our current Ice Age. Promoting global cooling while those white things persist is just asking for more white stuff.

These people are not goofballs or idiots, though promoting a fear of warmth in an Ice Age does sound pretty crazy. It’s almost as if they’ve convinced the hungry to fear food. Only, the poverty-stricken hungry don’t know they’re hungry.

Well, we’re in a poverty of warmth—a deep crevasse of cold. Our current, dangerous warming trend has only begun to move toward the edge of the valley in which we find ourselves. The thaw has begun, but they are calling it a “fever.”

I’ve written a lot about this in recent weeks. Why? Because it’s kind of important to all of humanity. It took me awhile to figure it out, but the professional salesmen (con men) have done a bang-up job selling rain boots to desert tribesmen. Clever, but not very ethical.

Global Cooling in an Ice Age?

The United Nations, the Rockefeller family, President Obama, Senator Bernie Sanders, Dr. Michael Mann and hundreds of others want us to stop the Ice Age thaw that has already started. They love global cooling. They must love the cold. They must think that cold is good for someone. But who? Could it be good for a few who have food stockpiled for when the farmlands of the world become permanently frozen? And they’re keeping it all for themselves?

We don’t know when the next glacial period could happen, but the Holocene interglacial is already at least 600 years overdue to end. Heck, it could be later this afternoon.

Global cooling will result in stronger storms and more of them. It will result in far less rain and more deserts.

When global cooling hits, the polar bears will have less food and less access to food, so their numbers will dwindle again, too.

But how will humans fare in severe global cooling?

The bulk of America’s corn comes from Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska and the two Dakotas. All of these areas will likely become permanently frozen, once the Holocene ends. Glaciation will cover most of Canada, but also cover many of the northern states of the USA.

Wheat production mainly comes from Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Montana, Washington state and Oregon. Oklahoma and Texas might survive with some semblance of summers, but the other states will likely have very poor or nonexistent growing seasons.

With the grain belt of America out of commission, California might need to take up the slack. But wait, they’re suffering a major drought which will only deepen during a glaciation.

Global cooling is bad for plants, bad for business and bad for people.

Solution to Global Cooling

The solution to the global cooling problem is, of course, global warming. Contrary to popular myth, global warming is good for everything except rising oceans.

Global cooling—death, failed crops, scarce rain, bigger deserts, stronger and more frequent storms. Might not have to worry about floods and sea level will definitely fall.

Global warming—life, booming crops, abundant rain, smaller deserts, scarce and weaker storms. Floods might happen, because rain is abundant, and sea levels will rise, but slowly enough not to pose a great danger to human life.

What a choice! Anyone who chooses global cooling should move to Antarctica or Greenland. The rest of us will vote for life and prosperity. Rising oceans? Move! Real estate is not as important as life. And we’ll lose far more real estate with global cooling.

The biggest barrier to meeting this global cooling solution is the current Ice Age. How do we end it?

One possibility: Satellite reflectors to focus more warmth in the oceans around the two main ice caps—Greenland and Antarctica. This could result in sloppy, uncontrolled melting. Slicing and moving chunks of ice (as ice bergs) to the Sahara, Kalahari and Australia might help. How to slice up an ice cap? I’m sure we can come up with some ingenious methods. Manufacture black, plastic slabs to absorb sunlight, turning the surface of Greenland and Antarctica into black absorbers instead of white reflectors. Strategically placed, these could calve off large slabs of ice for delivery to the needed desert regions. Parked along the coasts, these icebergs could be progressively melted and siphoned off to create inland lakes or to replenish lakes that have seen better days, like Lake Chad in central Africa.

Who would pay for something like this?

If humanity is crazy enough to pay Carbon Taxes to achieve global cooling in an Ice Age, perhaps we can wake them up to the scam and they would willingly pay for the more reasonable warming and humanitarian water delivery program.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

This article was originally published 2015:1117 on RodMartinJr.com.


2 thoughts on “What Kind of People Promote Global Cooling in an Ice Age?

  1. You’re clearly insane, delusional, and intent on the destruction of this planet. You should quite honestly be locked up for the rest of your life with whoever is paying (or should be paying) you to spew this utter nonsense. Shame on you.


    1. Mark Mikes, do you care about this planet and its environment? If so, good. We’re on the same team! Ironically, you have some data; I have other data. What if we share, instead of calling each other names? Why don’t we have a dialog, if you’re not too afraid to learn new things. Otherwise, the shame and hypocrisy are on you. Your decision!


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