Chemtrails — The Elephant in the Room People are Ignoring

Chemtrails: Chemtrails in Yosemite, California.
One of the dozens of photographs found in social media showing the ugly horrors of chemtrails. This was supposedly taken in Yosemite, California, 2015:06.

You’re an idiot if you believe in chemtrails. That seems to be the subtext going around these days in forums, in government pronouncements and in the corporate party news media. I guess I’m one of those idiots.

What are chemtrails? First, let’s start by saying that they are not contrails. Condensation trails (contrails for short) are the white trails that appear after a jet airplane travels through the sky, usually at a high altitude, in a relatively clear sky. Contrails normally last only a fraction of a second. Sometimes they might last for several seconds. This all depends on the conditions at the aircraft’s altitude.

Since the late 90s, people have been witnessing a new kid on the block which persists for hours—sometimes all day long.

Chemtrails—Believing in Them is Like Ridiculing the Emperor with No Clothes

Chemtrails: Chemtrails from wing tips instead of engines.
One of many chemtrail photos found in social media. It’s hard to know which ones are real and which ones are fake. Here, the photo shows trails coming not from the engines, but from the wing tips.

There is an old fable about an emperor who was so gullible he was sold a new wardrobe by a very lazy and unethical tailor. The wardrobe, of course, did not exist, but everyone went along, because the emperor could cut off your head, if he wanted to. The story comes from “The Emperor’s New Clothes” (Danish: Kejserens nye Klæder) by Hans Christian Andersen.

One friend and former employer asked me a few years ago if I believed in “chemtrails.” I replied that there is nothing to believe. Either you’ve seen them or you haven’t. They are unnatural and unlike anything I’ve seen for most of my life. That was the last I ever heard from her.

I remember my first contrail. I was about three years old and one of my relatives pointed it out in the sky overhead. The trail lasted for just about one second behind the jet aircraft flying above us. It must have been a military jet. There weren’t too many commercial jets flying, especially over West Texas in the early 50s.

I’ve been a fan of space travel most of my life. I love wide open spaces. I soak up views of the sky, like most humans soak up oxygen. In the first 44 years of my love of open skies, I never noticed one instance of a jet aircraft trail lasting more than a minute. Then, in 1997, it happened. I moved from Los Angeles to Phoenix and noticed an occasional, ugly scrawl across the sky, like some errant artist had decided to mar my lovely view. I thought nothing of this, except to be slightly annoyed. But then, it started to increase markedly. When I visited friends in Los Angeles a few years later, I noticed that the same junk had invaded skies there, too. So, it wasn’t merely a Phoenix phenomenon.

Chemtrails Appear Out of Nowhere, but No Spike in Air Traffic

Chemtrails in sky with ironic question and answer.
Chemtrails with a sense of humor. “Remember this from when you were a kid?” And the reply to a “no” answer might be, “Me neither!”

In 1970, the number of air transport passengers carried in America were 163 million. By 1996, this had increased to 590 million passengers. Yet, in all that time, I observed no persistent trails.

One year later, chemtrails appeared, yet air traffic had increased over the previous year by only about five percent. Ten years after I first noticed them, they were a relatively constant phenomenon in the Phoenix skies. It seemed like prison bars, locking my soul on Earth, keeping me from soaking up the wide open spaces. In those ten years, air traffic had increased only 26%, yet had gone from 0 chemtrails to dozens crisscrossing the skies and lasting all day long.

In 2007, I moved to the Philippines. The move was good for several reasons. I moved to be with the love of my life. Last month, we celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary. Also, I celebrated eight years without chemtrails overhead. We have an international airport not far away, but I’ve never seen one chemtrail in all those eight years.

Chemtrails Against Global Warming

Chemtrails: Chemtrail comparison.
Chemtrail Comparison: Real clouds versus the toxic, slimy film which coats our skies these days.

Why would anyone use chemtrails? It’s also called “geoengineering,” and in a 2013 article in Der Spiegel, David Keith explored the use of aerosols to reflect some of the sunlight back into space to help cool down the planet.

Scientists seem to be chomping at the bit to implement this geoengineering, but ironically, it’s been going on since at least 1997. The chemicals used include aluminum (elemental), barium and strontium. Biochemists have tested soils and found sharp increases in the amounts of these toxic substances. If it rains down on the soil, it also must be getting into our lungs. Elemental aluminum, which is highly unnatural, has been linked to neurological problems, including Alzheimer’s disease.

Meteorologists who talk about it, are shut up. Other meteorologists learn that if they want to keep their jobs, they are not to talk about chemtrails.

But even more ironic is the fact that the UN, governments and news media are pushing cooling down the planet in the midst of an ongoing Ice Age. Read that again. Yes, we’re in an Ice Age and have been for 2.6 million years. Cooling down the planet in an Ice Age is like pouring gasoline on a fire in order to put it out. The disconnect with reality here is huge. It’s like the Emperor’s New Clothes have made everyone stupid.

The Holocene won’t last forever. If we’re still in the Ice Age when it ends, then we’ll have another glacial period. And glacials usually last for 90,000 years. That’s 900 centuries without much rain. That’s nearly a hundred thousand years with very little food.

Some scientists and governments have become either incredibly stupid or incredibly evil. I don’t know which is worse.

Chemtrails Breaking Through the Public Blindness

In the following video, scientists, pilots and other concerned citizens speak out in Shasta County, California, before the county government. The topic: chemtrails.

Chemtrail Discussions in Social Media

It seems only inevitable that a topic like chemtrails would break into social media, like Facebook. Whenever there is a controversial topic, inevitably someone is always there to proclaim believers to be crazy. One such gentleman asked me if I believed every crackpot idea I find on the internet. How do you respond to a loaded accusation like that? That’s like, “Did you beat all of your former wives before murdering them?”

Chemtrails: Chemtrails in Iowa skies.
Those who don’t like chemtrails sometimes document the skies near where they live. This one shows chemtrails supposedly taken between Urbana and Independence Iowa, 2015:1102.

The same gentleman went on to add several other entertaining comments. One included a dark, grainy, black-and-white photo with chemtrails covering the sky, and silhouettes of soldiers in combat uniforms pointing this way and that. He said that this showed that persistent trails existed for 63 years. On one hand, he condemns anyone who would believe anything they find on the internet (and I don’t), but then expects everyone to believe him and everything he says. This kind of poor logic fills the dialogs on the subject of chemtrails, but also other controversial topics like vaccine injury, climate change, 9/11 truth, conspiracies and much more.

Some skeptics have wondered if the government or some corporation had paid some of these less-than-logical commenters to post their inane verbiage. I suspect that they wouldn’t have to. Enough people have poor enough understanding of such things, but big enough egos, all anyone would have to do is to plant a few stories in the corporate party media which ridicule such ideas to make them immediately unpopular with those who have big egos.

When former CIA director, William Casey, told his president his intentions for the agency, he revealed a great deal of evil in government. He told then-president Reagan, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” They don’t need an army of CIA agents visiting Facebook. They only need an army of Big Egos finding something to bash so they feel bigger. That’s how ego works, especially if you’re not self-aware enough to know you have one that’s being played by experts who run the captains of industry.

Are you one of the crazy ones who thinks there is something strange and unnatural going on with these persistent trails, or do you believe otherwise. Don’t be afraid to speak up. I don’t have a big ego. Years of experience have helped me put it in its place.


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