Promoting Global Warmth — Climate Change in the Right Direction

Global Warmth: GW Leaves

This entire topic is a bit of a contradiction for me. I’ve always been one to like things on the cool side. I grew up in West Texas and wilted on those days when the sun beat down on the semi-arid Llano Estacado (Spanish for “staked plain”). Despite this aversion to heat, I ended up living in Southern California which is always warmish. Then, for ten years, I lived in Phoenix, Arizona, where the daytime temperature in summer sometimes reaches up to 120 °F (49 °C). Covered parking is rare, and cars parked for any length of time out in the sun become greenhouse ovens. After leaving Phoenix, I moved to the tropics for more heat and lots of humidity.

So why would I be promoting global warmth instead of global cooling?

I suppose I could have made a lot of friends and could have fit right in with the masses by promoting a fear of global warmth and playing Al Gore’s sad song about polar bears not having enough ice. Why go against the prevailing wind? I’m not doing this to be contrary. I’m doing it, because it’s right.

How can I be so sure? Because we live in an Ice Age and the last thing we want is to cool the planet in the midst of one. And the reason should be simple enough to understand. A return to Ice Age glacial cold could kill most of the humans on the Earth and could destroy civilization as we know it. There might need to be an alarm set on climate, but the media, governments and many quasi-scientific, now political agencies are pointing in the wrong direction.

So, what? I’m battling the climate alarmists with more alarm? Not exactly. I’m hoping to raise the flag of reason and common sense. I want people to wake up to critical thinking and not fall into a pit of knee-jerk emotionalism.

Big Reasons Why Global Warmth is Better than Global Cold

Some scientists think that the Holocene won’t end for another 50,000 years. They base their conclusions on Milankovitch cycles. While I believe in Milankovitch, I don’t think that’s the only factor they should be considering. The average length of an interglacial is about 11,000 years and we’re already at least 500 years overdue for a change, based on that average.

Cloud formation is another major factor, because clouds affect the overall temperature budget of the planet. One paper I read talked about life forming aerosols for clouds and being less capable of doing so under certain conditions. During those times, fewer clouds formed making the Earth far warmer, like during the Cretaceous Thermal Maximum. Global temperatures may have been as much as 20 °C warmer than today.

Ironically for the global warmth fear mongers, the Earth did not melt down during that far warmer period. Also, ironically for the United Nations hype on “climate change,” carbon dioxide levels of about ten times what they are today (~4,000 ppmv) did not lead to runaway flame-out that they’re now predicting for today’s far cooler temperatures and far lower CO2 levels. Life did not cease to exist back in that super-greenhouse. For millions of years, life continued to exist and to thrive.

Some other scientists, led by Henrik Svensmark, agree that clouds are a vital part of the climate puzzle, but feel that solar wind is another factor in their formation. When solar wind becomes very strong, cosmic rays are pushed away, and clouds have a harder time forming without the cloud chamber effect of cosmic rays zipping through the upper atmosphere. They are still corroborating their hypothesis, but the hecklers are not making it easy. Science by ridicule has never been a strong suit for humanity. It’s all too much “dark age” mentality.

What remains clear, is that the science is not settled. Also clear is the fact that global warmth is far better than global cold. Why? Because we reside in an Ice Age and far closer to dangerous cold than we are to dangerous warmth. Life thrives in warmth and dies in the cold. I would hate to see civilization follow the wrong leader and dive off the cliff into another Ice Age glacial period.

Polar bear numbers have skyrocketed, because life thrives in warmth, despite Al Gore’s dire predictions. All life would benefit from more warmth. Here are some other reasons:

  • Global warmth means more evaporation, more water vapor and more rain.
  • Shrinking deserts and less dust, because there’s more rain.
  • Weaker storms and fewer of them. All storms depend on thermal potential. Melting the poles removes the greatest half of this equation.

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