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Global Warmth blog was the inspiration of Rod Martin, Jr. In 2006, Martin became a fan of Al Gore’s flashy new film, An Inconvenient Truth. He realized that humans have not been the best stewards of our home planet. Pollution of all types have cluttered the world and made it less hospitable. The film seemed to speak to the need for greater responsibility. That was a good thing. Six years later, all that admiration changed. Rod Martin discovered that he and Al Gore had been horribly wrong.

Pollution still exists and it’s bad, but CO2 is not, and never has been a pollutant. In fact, the founding principle of Gore’s film—that global warming is bad—is wrong! Life thrives on warmth and dies in the cold. We currently live in an Ice Age. Our current interglacial is one of dozens of interglacials of this ongoing Ice Age. Someone had sold the world a big lie, and Martin wanted to shine a light on the lie so that others would not fall into the trap of setting policies based on that lie.

Global Warmth blog is here to poke holes in the myths and misconceptions surrounding this notion of “climate change.” Yes, climate changes. It has changed for nearly 4.5 billion years. But suddenly it’s “new,” “dangerous” and “man made?” The aim, here, is to use science, critical thinking and common sense to set the record straight on one of the big controversies of our modern times.

Thermophobia: Book CoverThermophobia: Shining a Light on Global Warming
Published 2016:08
Rod Martin, Jr.
36,000 words

Thermophobia means an unnatural fear of warmth. With those 2 “little” white things at the poles signifying Ice Age, we need to re-think this notion that warming is dangerous. Any change will cause disruptions, but cooling in an Ice Age will prove deadly. Read more…