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Climate is complex, but the basics upon which climate operates are very simple.

This website is dedicated to revealing that simplicity
so that anyone can understand the science sufficiently to debunk the alarm.

The simple fact that “hot air rises” allows us
to debunk the idea that global warming leads to more violent storms.
Quite the opposite is true. Global warming leads to a calmer world.

Some people worry about sea level rise.
While it’s true that rising seas are an inconvenience,
climate has always changed and always will.
Warming will eventually cause an inconvenience, but cooling could kill hundreds of millions or even billions.
Thus the Hero Title for this site: Valuing Life Over Real Estate


Photo: iceberg, clouds, sun by Christopher Michel (CC BY 2.0)

Top 10 Climate Change Lies Exposed

“Climate change” used to mean “ancient, natural and mostly benign.”
But the term has been kidnapped and redefined
to mean “recent, manmade and dangerous.”
Dispel the doom-and-gloom alarm with facts, evidence and reason.

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